The face of the brand BigPizza is BIGY. Born in Belgrade, he is very young, but incredibly fast, agile and powerful. He is attentive and kind to everyone. He smiles non stop and is available when you are hungry, when you want to socialize or simply to cheer you up.

He is diligent in delivering within his zone, but at the same time he is using all his power to expand it. He feels it is unnecessary to charge for delivery or for pizza if delivery takes over 30 minutes.

BIGY loves BigPizza and BigWaffle and shares it with everyone. He thoroughly enjoys what he does, even going so far as to allow people to choose their own ingredients to create their favorite pizza.

He is careful, and always ready to impress with special offers and presents. Kids are crazy about him, men admire him and women adore him.

He wears a mask because he couldn’t bear the popularity, Bigy is the real hero of the city.