Mission, vision and brand values

We are the first pizza chain in Serbia that followed through on our promise to deliver the pizza within 30 minutes or the pizza is free of charge, after that we gained your trust and the rest is history. Thank You!

BigPizza has a mission to offer different variety of top quality products, suitable quantities at reasonable prices.

In less than two years more than 2 million customers inspired us to create a unique menu which will make your special moment even more beautiful.

We want our Restaurants to become your favorite destination and our delivery your top choice in the category of QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) because…

• All our products are top quality and standardized
• We are training our employees to the highest standard of customer service
• Our Restaurants are comfortable and clean
• We respect your time and deliver BigPizza products within 30 minutes
• We are socially responsible
• We enjoy the work we do
• We appreciate you